Christmas promotion

Setup new toy library with MiBaseNZ

Are you starting a NEW Toy Library in New Zealand?

Do you have already a toy library but you are using Libratu or any other software or even paper base and you need an online management system?

This is the promotion for you!

MiBaseNZ setup cost now only $250, it was $380.

All quotes must be accepted before 15th of December.

The upload/conversion data is not included, however, we can provide a free quote if you give us the data example.

First 1 year hosting and support are FREE.

The promotion is not valid for Toy Library moving from MiBase Desktop. Go in our Desktop Promotion.

Formal Quote

If you are interested in above promotion, please fill in all information and I will send you a formal quote to present to your committee or/and grant.

Toy Library information

Referent information


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