Toy Library Management Software

MiBaseNZ is a Toy Library Management Systems designed for Toy Libraries with a very accessible and affordable cost. It’s a cloud version and you will not need any software to run it, just an internet connection. You can use a computer, Laptop, Tablet.

MiBaseNZ has more than 70 toy libraries after almost 2 years of activity, we started our business with the first toy library in August 2018.

If you have a Toy Library in New Zealand, contact us, if you are in Australia, please contact Michelle by click here

Thanks to all Toy Libraries with us!

      Our History

      MiBase Desktop was first developed 15 years ago in Australia with the help of the Sandringham Toy Library (now called the Bayside Toy Library).

      After many years of development and input from over 300+ Toy Libraries we can now offer MiBase online at an affordable cost to all Toy Libraries in New Zealand, Australia and future in other country.

      The first cloud version was developed in Australia by a developer named Michelle.

      After years, SqualaDesign ltd decided to help Michelle and start to take care of all New Zealand Toy Libraries with the name MiBaseNZ. New logo, some new functionalities and completely new design.

      MiBaseNZ Toy Library Management Software