MiBase desktop instruction

If you are in this page you are moving from MiBase desktop version to MiBaseNZ online and we need your MiBase desktop data to setup your new toy library online.

The program information and the data is stored in a single file called mibasev7.mde. It is by default in the c:\mibase folder of the computer. Because the file contains your information it needs to be sent and returned while the library is closed, otherwise information processed while we have the file will be lost.

All photos are into the folder c:\mibase\pictures or if an old version they are in c:\program files\mibasev7\pictures send us all photos too.

For older versions of mibase the program file is called mibasev6.mde or mibasev4.mde, this version also contains History.mdb (history of loans) that needs to be emailed also. You will find these files in c:\program files\mibasev6 or c:\program files\mibasev4 folder.

The mibasev7.mde file can be over 5MB in size so it needs to be compressed (zipped) before. Please use a web application like Dropbox or Google Drive to send all the data.

More info here: https://www.dropbox.com