Additional services

Additional services are possible to add any time in the year of the contract. Contact us and we can provide what you like.

A simple website made in MiBase with all information, google maps, opening hours, sponsors page and much more. Go to northotago toy library to see and example. Only $50

Designed and optimised email template for all bulk and automatic email made in MiBase.

Only $30

Design a Toy Library logo to be used on website, Bag Labels, print and everywhere the Client likes.

Only $60

Custom signup form using MiBase fields with custom design and background. Completely responsive.

Only $20

A custom website made with WordPress and with MiBase admin login integrated. A unique template/layout for your Toy Library.

Only $250

Website connected with Google Analytics and Hotjar. Report by email to the client every 3 months with analysis and suggestions.

Only $30 per year

Create an account in Google My Business, that is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Setup all information to be showed in Maps and Search and received review from customers like:


Only $10

Create a Facebook Fan Page with all information and settings, optimise for Toy Library with all services, products like North.Otago.Toy.Library.Oamaru

Only $30

Create a Toy Library twitter account with all information and settings, optimise for Toy Library.

Only $20

Design a flyer for Toy Library to be printed.

Only $40

Design a business card for Toy Library to be printed.

Only $30

MiBase already has 30 different reports to be used, however, if you a specific report we can create a custom one for you.

Only $5 each

MiBase already has 50 different Bag Labels to be used, however, if you need a specific Bag Label design and size we can create a custom Bag Label for you.

Only $20

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