New Member website live

The Member Public Website is live for all Toy Libraries. New responsive design with bootstrap version 4.1.x and also new automatic modules. Look our demo live

MiBaseNZ Documentation live

Our documentation is live here, thanks so much to Nina who is working on testing and writing the documentation every day.

New Public website live

The New Public Website is live for all Toy Libraries. The design, new bootstrap version 4.1.x and also new automatic modules. The toy Library will be able to add News, FAQs and Teams members… Look our demo live

New Team Member: welcome to Nina

Welcome to our new member in the MiBaseNZ Team, Nina will be responsible to write our documentation and help in the support group on Facebook. She has long experience in customer care. Look our team here

New functionalities on our tables

All tables are completely redesigned, we introduced an arrow that changes when is sorted. Also, all columns are filterable. All the tables with dates and numbers can be also filtered with math equation like the column with age >= 3 ( equal and greater than 3 years old ).
For more information look the short video:

We will be part of Toy Library Federation AGM

MiBaseNZ has been invited to be part of the New Zealand Toy Library Federation AGM in Wellington on 18th August. We will be doing training for 45 minutes about MiBaseNZ functionalities and give the opportunity to all Toy Libraries in NZ to see how our Toy Management System works.

Promotion – Move from Libratu to MiBaseNZ

Do you have already a toy library but you are using Libratu and you need an online management system?
Go to: Libratu Promotion

New Page Design

All Pages have a new design and button to help the librarian. Export the page to PDF and Excel and also read a documentation about the page directly inside MiBaseNZ Administration without leave the page. All Pages will have the layout like that

New Functionality – Daily Stat

New functionality has been added to MiBaseNZ administration, the Daily Stat, that will show information about the day that you open.

New Functionality – Reservation List

A page with all list of the reservation where you can also Delete and Edit each reservation easily.
Go to RESERVE – Reservation List, for more info click the light blue button “Documentation”.