Hardware Requirements

Admin Computer

It is recommended you use a laptop or desktop for the main station. A new or secondhand computer will do the job.

All the processing is performed by the MiBase NZ server, so if it loads web pages then it will work.
No installation of Software (except Browser) or networking of computers is required, Mibase Online is Accessed through your browser and works best with Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. It can be used simultaneously on multiple devices.


An Internet connection at the Toy Library is required for MiBase Online. If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi in the building then you will need to consider a mobile connection via mobile broadband or a hotspot (using a smart phone) with at least 1GB per month plan.
Another option is to use a smart phone running the new mobile version volunteer login. Instructional video coming soon…


A printer will be required for printing bag labels, if you are considering using a tablet then consider purchasing a printer that is compatible.

Volunteer Work Station

A second work station is recommended if you have over 100 members. The most affordable option is a tablet.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode enabled, use your scanner to loan, return or search for toys.
Just plug the USB barcode reader  into the computer and start scanning. Mibase is barcode ready, no extra software is required to be installed for a barcode reader.

Receipt Printing

MiBaseNZ online can be setup to print directly to the receipt printer it doesn’t require a pdf preview. One click and your receipt are printed!
 One click printing also works for standard inkjet and laser printers.
 MiBaseNZ receipts can be configured to suit any printer type,  templates enable more or less information to be printed on the receipt.

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Hardware Requirements