Paid Modules

MiBaseNZ provides additional Premium Modules for toy libraries with specific requirements. The cost is a one-off payment with nothing added to the hosting cost.

When the module is under development you will see the date it is available. If you pre-order the module, you will receive a 50% discount.

When the module is available, when purchased in the first month, you will receive a 30% discount.

Why we have a PAID Modules?

MiBaseNZ introduced the first PAID premium module on 10th November 2019, the Party Pack.

Every module added to the system needs hours/days/weeks of developing, testing, video, and documentation, it means cost and time.

We like to introduce new small functionalities or pages every month to improve the software for everyone, having paid modules will give us the ability to NOT increase the cost of the hosting.

MiBaseNZ is designed to provide the functionalities for Toy Libraries’ needs, however, some toy libraries, around 15% of the total number of MiBaseNZ clients, need more functions and very specific. We are here to provide them what they need, they just have to pay for that and no other toy libraries have to pay for a very specific function they will never use.

Committee Premium Module icon


The Committee module will help Toy Libraries to manage their volunteer work in an easy and fast way.
The module provides a Committee page with the list of members and if they have keys or bank access, each Committee has their own personal details page and individual timesheet. Ther is the section with meetings, minutes, and events, so, everything a Toy Library will need.

Cost: $50

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Gift Voucher logo

Gift Voucher

Toy Libraries will have the ability to create their own Gift Voucher by choosing from a selection of designs and deciding what information they would like to appear on the voucher. When a voucher is redeemed, there will be an Add Voucher payment option available.
Gift Vouchers will also be available to purchase online through the Public Website.
The module will be available mid-2021.

Cost: $100 Pre-order cost: $50

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Company as a Member

This module will allow toy libraries to add a company such as childcare, a recreation centre or a school to their list of Members. This module, however, will have its own page and Company List separate from your toy library’s Member List.
The module will provide fields to add all contact information as well as fields for two separate references.


Cost: $70

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Party Pack / Bouncy Castle module icon

Party Pack / Bouncy Castle

This module will allow toy libraries to hire specific toys from specific categories to non-members, or clients. Once the module is set up, the toy library can choose which toys and categories a client can hire.


Cost: $100

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