Paid Modules

MiBaseNZ has some additional Premium Modules to be added in the Administration for Toy Library with specific needs. The cost is one-off and nothing will be added on Hosting cost.

When the module is on the development you will see the available date and the Pre-order cost has a 50% discount.

When the module is available, the first-month promotion cost will have a 30% discount.

Party Pack / Bouncy Castle module icon

Party Pack / Bouncy Castle

This module allows the Toy Library to have a CLIENT that is allowed to hire specific toys in a specific category.
The Toy Library admin needs to setup the module and chooses which toys and which category is allowed to be hired from non-members, called CLIENTS.

Cost: $100

Click and Collect – Booking time and date

MiBaseNZ has created this Click and Collect booking system for admin and members to be able to book a time to pick up and/or drop off toys.

Cost: $50

Gift Voucher icon

Gift Voucher

The admins can create Gift Vouchers with different designs and all info about the person who paid the voucher. When a new member will use the voucher the admin will be able to add a voucher payment. Also, it will be available online on the public website.
The module will be available at the end of July 2020.

Cost: $100 Pre-order cost: $50

Company as a Member

This module adds a Company Menu under the Member Top Menu and allows the Toy Library to add a company such as Childcare, Recreation Centre, School or any other. The Company will have all contact information and 2 Referents with separated information.
The module will be available at the end of Sep 2020.

Cost: $70 Pre-order cost: $35

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