Move from mibase AU to MiBaseNZ

Data import from Mibase Au version to NZ

Do you have a Toy Library in NZ but you are using mibase AU version? This is the page for you!

Setup the new MiBaseNZ online is FREE – Data Conversion from AU cost ONLY $120 and you will have included:

  • all data transfer
  • all toys image transferred
  • 1 year hosting + support
  • 1 online training with screen sharing
  • new design
  • support will be in NZ with Daniela
  • payment to NZ bank, ANZ


>>> Ask for a formal quote <<<<

FAQ about moving from AU

90% of the functionalities are exactly the same, however, the design is totally different and also we have more pages with other information.
Ask us the DEMO link to have a look on it.

We have a company in NZ so, the support will be in NZ time, the payment in NZ bank and you can also call me anytime on my mobile because I’m in NZ, specifically in Oamaru, Otago.
We also have a long list of additional services that you can have for a very small cost, look here the long list:
For example, the popular one is to have a custom website made in MiBaseNZ with a custom design like: ( we also create the logo for them ) ( we also create the logo for them )

We have a different system, however, let us know what you already have and we can check if we can create.

The database and all images will be imported as is, you will have all in NZ version too.

Look on our website:
The support cover everything is not working properly and some customisation. Also, we are always working to improve the software to provide the best quality.

We just need 1 day, to install MiBaseNZ, ask Michelle to provide us the database and to update everything. After that, you also need to book the training, you have 1 hour training with Daniela by a web application.

We have a completely different report system, however, we also have different Reports and we can create some custom if you really need it. Before move your system sends us an example of reports that you are using and we can let you know if we have the same or if we can make it.