Price list

Hosting and support

All fees, hosting, support and payment are clear. You will pay the hosting based on the number of active member and toys.

TypeNumber of active membersNumber of toys with photosCost per year
Type 0less than 25less than 300$0
Type 1less than 30less than 400$20
Type 2less than 30less than 600$40
Type 330 – 50less than 600$60
Type 430 – 60less than 1000$80
Type 550 – 100less than 800$90
Type 650 – 100less than 1200$100
Type 7100 – 150less than 1200$150
Type 8100 – 150less than 1500$180
Type 9150 – 250less than 1500$250
Type 10150 – 250unlimited$300
Type 11250 – 350unlimited$350
Type 12unlimitedunlimited$500

If you need more than only MiBaseNZ, go to our Additional Services!


The hosting + Support invoice will be sent 1 month before the hosting will be expired.

The invoice must be paid within 30 days by New Zealand bank transfer.

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MiBaseNZ Fees list