Price list

Administration fee

From the 1st January 2021, all the hosting invoices will have a $10 administration fee added.

All hosting plans are listed below.


You will pay for the hosting based on the number of active members*.

Type# mem min# mem maxCost per year
Type 0015$0
Type 11630$10
Type 23140$40
Type 34150$60
Type 45160$80
Type 56170$90
Type 67180$100
Type 781100$120
Type 8101120$150
Type 9121140$180
Type 10141170$210
Type 11171200$280
Type 12201250$320
Type 13251unlimited$400


*Active members are all the members in the “Member list page” in your MiBaseNZ Administration. All active members have an active and not expired membership. We refer to the number 1 month before the hosting will be expired.


Basic support is included in all types of hosting.

Each Toy Library can open a ticket by our Ticketing System.

Any customisation, import databases, databases modification, or any job that are not a system bug will be quoted by hours.


The hosting invoice will be added to your system 1 month before the hosting will be expired.

Please, have a look at your MiBaseNZ Home Page!

The invoice must be paid before your hosting will be expired.