Toy Library Management Software

MiBaseNZ is a Toy Library Management Systems designed for Toy Libraries with a very accessible and affordable cost. It’s a cloud version and you don’t need any software to run it, just an internet connection. You can use a computer, Laptop or Tablet.

MiBaseNZ has around 80 toy libraries after almost 2 years of activity, we started our business with the first toy library in August 2018.

If you have a Toy Library in New Zealand, contact us, if you are in Australia, please contact Michelle by click here

Thanks to all Toy Libraries with us!


      Fast service

      15 Sep 2020

      We’ve recently moved to mibase NZ and we are finding the service very prompt and friendly. The website is a massive improvement on our previous WordPress website. The software has worked well for our recent stocktake. We look forward to using more of the functionality as we go on.

      Committee member / Wadestown Toy Library

      28 Aug 2020

      Havelock North Toy Library has been using MiBase for its toy library management system for just over a year. The software is very easy to use and the automated emails have dramatically reduced our time spent on reminding members. We especially love being able to clearly examine and download data, reports and our duty rosters. The sorting by fields/filtering tools make searching and exporting data so simple. Overall MiBase is a fantastic system and we highly recommend it.

      Erin Sexton
      Chairperson / Havelock North Toy Library
      All in one place

      12 Jul 2020

      We have been MIBase desktop, so have not had upgrades for a long time as they stopped supporting that version. Change over in May went well and I'm busy making it all read and look good and our info/pics updated, before going live to website and public use. The information you can pull up is amazing, I love that it is all on one site and I don't need double up doing info on excel sheets now! I can do the upgrading and learning at home on the laptop in my time in the warmth. Responses to my questions have all been good so far, and I can see that the team works hard at doing what is asked of them to suit us all.

      Librarian / Whitby Toy Library
      Great Options and Functions

      16 Jun 2020

      We transitioned from the Australia site to NZ. With every change, there is much to learn and adapt to, so it has proven to be a trial at times for myself and others who are also getting used to the system. I am the main Mibase user in our Library, and once you are used to the functionality of it, it surely is a more diverse and effective system for us. Support is super helpful and quick and tailored to our needs and requests. With the use of member logins, the ease of our booking systems and customer interaction is a lot more engaging, now we are on an online efficient system, and not just on an instore visit hire. Two thumbs up

      Hayley Vickers
      Librarian / Te Puke Toy Library
      Best move we made!

      15 Jun 2020

      Moving to Mibase was the best thing we did. Everything was done for us during the set up and the online training was fantastic. Our committee is made up of full time working mums so we find that the online system is handy and easily accessible. We are able to access it from home anytime and all the information is up to date. There is not an issue around saving data, it does it automatically! We are particularly grateful for the help we receive and know that we can email at anytime to get advice. More and more functions are being added to the programme and this is very useful. We look forward to the new developments! If you are thinking of joining Mibase, I strongly suggest you do!

      logo ruapehu
      Cindy Woolston
      Secretary / Ruapehu Toy Library
      So much easier

      11 Nov 2019

      We moved from the desktop version of mibase to the new, improved online version about a year ago now. We love it! We now have an online presence which helps new members find out all about us and it has helped us with productivity by allowing administrators to log on in the comfort of their own homes to update toys and members at will. The information we get out of it is really helpful too and Daniela is happy to offer support for questions we have at any stage. We would definitely recommend it!

      Lia Wood
      Treasurer / Martinborough Toy Library
      Super helpful!

      12 Jun 2020

      Easy to use system that is also easy to tailor to just how you want. Daniela is always super prompt and helpful when you have an issue and really knows her stuff. Love being able to use the system from home and it even works pretty well on my phone (although not really designed for this!).

      Paula van den Hondel
      President / North Otago Toy Library
      Moving from Mibase AU to Mibase NZ

      13 Jun 2020

      At the start of the year our library moved from Mibase Australia to Mibase NZ and I also took over the role of librarian. I have not had much experience with the Australian version though I find the NZ version good. We have had hiccups with the system along the way though Daniela is quick to respond and guide us through how to fix the problem. I am also grateful to other librarians who have helped me too. I like how I am able to fully customise the website and I still have lots of learning to do to get to know the system really well.

      Librarian / Whanganui Toy Library
      Mibase NZ

      29 Jul 2020

      We are very please with the service that we have received from Mibase. The system are very easy to use and they always keep you up to date on any new updates.

      Treasurer / Waimarino Community toy library
      New to MiBase NZ

      29 Jul 2020

      Our library recently moved from Mibase AU to MiBaseNZ. We find it to be a simple and user friendly platform that meets all our library needs. Communication with Daniela is easy and clear - she promptly assists with any issues we have. There are many useful functions on the platform which we are looking forward to utilising.

      Librarian / Eastbourne Toy LIbrary
      Mibase Transfer

      12 Jul 2020

      We moved to Mibase NZ 7 months ago now and it all went well. I am still working through all the functions that the programme offers. If there is a problem it is usually fixed within a short time frame. Communication is great. Thank you

      Librarian / Papanui Community Toy Library

      14 Feb 2020

      We moved from Libratu to MiBase about 7 months ago. I wasn’t part of the transition, only stepped into the librarian role a couple months after, however the transition did not go so well but as far as I am aware Daniela did her very best to sort the issues out and get us up and running. Since then I have become a regular at hitting Daniela up with questions and issues. All I can say is her response time is immediate and everything that has happened or is needed is resolved straight away. I love MiBase, once you get used to it I find it easy to use. I love that admin can access it from home. I also love the information we can access and exporting this to excel or PDF. We haven’t got our members website up and running yet but I’m optimistic our members will find it great to use and make my life easier with things like members booking toys and reserving them and their duties.

      Tam Lindley
      Librarian / Pegasus Toy Library
      Easy to use

      19 Jun 2020

      We made the switch from Mibase AU to Mibase NZ last year. The transition was mostly seamless and Daniela has been fantastic at ironing out any kinks along the way, most of which was user error. Daniela provides great and fast support when needed. I love how easy the system is to use, very straightforward. I am yet to learn how to utilise all of the functions, but I know there is much more that we could get out of the system and appreciate that Daniela is creating more and more documentation and videos on how to use these functions.

      Toy Librarian / Khandallah Plunket Toy Library
      Our move from MiBase Australia to MiBase NZ

      10 Nov 2019

      Almost 15 months ago our toy library started thinking about moving from MiBase Australia to MiBase NZ. We went live at the start of Term One 2019 and have found the switch has gone well. Daniela is always working on ways to improve MiBase NZ and, quite regularly, I will log in to find new look pages and improved design. Even creating a particular list I needed to print out, in under two hours, while managing sick children at home. We are very happy with MiBase NZ and Daniela's service to our Toy Library.

      Sandy Thorstensen
      Toy Librarian / Secretary / Dannevirke Community Toy Library
      New to Mibase

      12 Jun 2020

      We are just going public next week. This has been so much better than our old system Libratu. Daniela is very helpful and quick at getting back to our questions. Hopefully going public next week will go smoothly and easily, which I bet it will.

      President / Mangawhai Toy Library

      Our History

      MiBase Desktop was first developed 15 years ago in Australia with the help of the Sandringham Toy Library (now called the Bayside Toy Library).

      After many years of development and input from over 300+ Toy Libraries we can now offer MiBase online at an affordable cost to all Toy Libraries in New Zealand, Australia and future in other country.

      The first cloud version was developed in Australia by a developer named Michelle.

      After years, SqualaDesign ltd decided to help Michelle and start to take care of all New Zealand Toy Libraries with the name MiBaseNZ. New logo, some new functionalities and completely new design.

      MiBaseNZ Toy Library Management Software