How to choose a HEX colour

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The MibaseNZ website uses the ‘Hex colour code’ method for identifying the colour being used in the website, when picking a new colour this same method needs to be used. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this method.

Picking a colour:

To pick the colour you want to use, it is best to follow this link ( and then click ‘PICKER’ at the top left of the website.

colour picker website

This link will take you to a website that allows you to pick a customised colour and gives you the required code to use this colour on your website.

The colour picker website gives you the HEX value above the area where you pick your colour as shown below.


This is the current colour being used for the footer and top menu of the public website.

Colour picker example

Once you have picked your new colour, copy the information after the ‘HEX’ option that is highlighted in the above image (e.g #F2CA30), enter this into the settings of the area you want to change.

Follow this link to learn how to “Customise colour on the Home page