MiBaseNZ – Email Templates, cron job and shortcodes


  • How to change and choose the Email Template
  • How to activate the Automatic email called cron job
  • How to change the Email template and add the correct shortcode in it
  • How to send the Login email or/and the Welcome email to a member


MiBaseNZ – Duty Roster


  • How to setup your duty roster
  • How to generate a duty calendar
  • How to delete a roster
  • How to manage the duty roster
  • How to record a duty roster
  • How to show the roster in the Public and Member website


Membership Page

MiBaseNZ – Membership Page, Loan and Return


  • How important is the membership page
  • How to Loan a toy with all settings and different memberships
  • Which is the difference between Scan Toy and Search a Toy
  • How to return a toy in the Return Page and/or Loan Page
  • How to print the Loan receipt