Membership Page

MiBaseNZ – Membership Page, Loan and Return


  • How important is the membership page
  • How to Loan a toy with all settings and different memberships
  • Which is the difference between Scan Toy and Search a Toy
  • How to return a toy in the Return Page and/or Loan Page
  • How to print the Loan receipt


MiBaseNZ – Toy Management First Part


  • How to add a new toy with all very useful information
  • How to create a great toy description and list of pieces for the admin and for the public/member website
  • How to use keywords in a toy to be used in the public/member website
  • Toy Categories and Subcategories, why are those very important
  • How to download the toy list
  • How to add/use Age Group, Storage, Condition, Suppliers