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Sorting is arranging your data in a particular order. For example, arranging a list in alphabetical order, arranging your data in increasing or decreasing order of numeric values.

Sorting the data in MiBaseNZ’s tables is quite simple. Next to each table header, there are two arrows above and below each other. By clicking on these, the table will be sorted either by A-Z or numerically depending on the data.
Once you have clicked the arrows, you will then see only one arrow either pointing up or down.
Pointing up, if sorting alphabetically the list will appear starting from A-Z or numerically from the lowest number to the highest.
If the arrow is pointing down, it will be the opposite, Z-A or the highest number to the lowest.














Another option to sort the data in the tables is to download the list to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel button which is found at the top of the page and using the sort function in there.

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