Company as a Member

This module adds a Company Menu under the Member Top Menu and allows the Toy Library to add a company such as Childcare, Recreation Centre, School or any other. The Company will have all contact information and 2 Referents with separated information.


Company list separated from the member list

A list of Companies with some information and the first Referent full name. From that list, you can click Edit or View. There are filters to be used when there is a long list.

On the top right of the page, you can Add a new Company.

It’s also possible to Download/Print the list in PDF or Excel. The Documentation button is there to help you to use the page.

click to see the image
click to see the image

Company detail page with all info

All information about the Company and the 2 Referents such as contacts, address, website, date joined, renewed and expire.

Button to directly send an email to a company or one of the referent.

Lists on the Company detail page

Lists of information about the history of the Company like Toy on Loan, Toy Reserved, Toy Loaned history. Soon will be available the Missing Pieces List.

If the Toy Library needs more info we can create for you.

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