Click and Collect - Booking time and date

MiBaseNZ has created this Click and Collect booking system for admin and members to be able to book a time to pick up and/or drop off toys.


New button in the Reserve menu

Go to Reserve -> Click and Collect

click to see the image
click to see the image

4 Settings

The first setting will need to be changed to “Yes” for the system to be activated.

In the next two settings, you will need to change according to your library’s preferences.

The fourth setting will need to be changed to “Yes” if you would like to activate the Drop Off Only setting in the Member Website.

Content and Title for Member website

To personalise your Click and Collect page, you will need to edit to your liking the title and content of the Member website content page and click “Save”.

click to see the image
click to see the image

Booking List

You can see on this page a list of all the bookings made by admin and by members on the member website. As mentioned above, the dates and times are taken from the Days and Times page.

Admin: Add a booking

There are two types of bookings to use in the MiBaseNZ Click and Collect Booking system in the admin website.

Booking option 1: toy drop off only where no toy reservations have been made.

Booking option 2: reserving a toy first then selecting a pick up and drop off time for this toy.

click to see the image
click to see the image

Member: Add a booking

Members can have the choice of two booking options. First option they can choose to ONLY drop off their toys which is great if no toy reservation has been made. The second option they can make a toy reservation, then select their own pick up and drop off times.

Email template custom

Once a member has made a booking, a confirmation email will be sent to their email address.

Admin can edit this template to their liking by going to Setup -> Email Templates and edit “click_collect_booking “.

click to see the image
click to see the image

Admin email

An email will also be sent to the toy library email address informing admin a new booking has been registered.