Every year MiBaseNZ will run a different type of PROMOTION to help Toy Libraries in all parts of New Zealand.

Check the list and click the active promotion that you like!

ACTIVE – 25% discount

We are offering a 25% discount to all quotes, for setup only or setup + database conversion

ACTIVE – Monthly payment for 10 months

If you have a Toy Library that is using an old database system or even paper base but you have not been successful in any grant application, that is the promotion for you! We can offer monthly payment for 10 months for ALL your quote costs.

ENDED – We are moving and we have a promotion

We are very happy to announce that we are moving the MiBaseNZ System and all toy libraries websites in a new server. Bigger, Faster and with more tools that we can use to improve your visibility in Google 🙂
Please, have a look at the page Toy Library Moving Calendar to see when your toy library will be moved.

Barcode Scan reader

ENDED – Barcode Reader FREE for all Platinum Setup

Are you interested to move your Toy Library to the Next Generation of Toy Library Cloud System? Great! Now, if you are choosing the Platinum Setup to move to MiBaseNZ you will receive gifted a Barcode Scanner USB.

ENDED – Move from Libratu to MiBaseNZ

Do you have already a toy library but you are using Libratu and you need an online management system?
Go to: Libratu Promotion