MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.11 - 26/09/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #557: Reserved toy on loans page
  • Ticket #558: Issue with member access
  • Ticket #559: member unable to reserve toys
  • Ticket #561: My wishlist
  • Ticket #572: Unable to use the Member Alerts Box on the Loans Screen
  • Ticket #577: Returning toys
  • Ticket #578: Toys List for Stocktake

New Page

Activity Log

MiBaseNZ has created the Activity Log page so you can see all the activities occurring in your system as well as seeing where any errors are coming from.

If multiple users log in to the system, then keeping an activity log will help you monitor all user activity. This means that all activities happening in your admin website by your admin and volunteers, all activities that your members will do in the Member Website and even the systems server activities will be recorded.

When an admin, or a volunteer or a member changes any data or deletes or adds any information, the log system will record these changes adding a separate row for each activity.

Documentation: Activity Log page

New small functionality changed

New button – All Not Active Toys to Excel

Added the new button under Setup -> One-click function.

New small design changed

More info in the Home Page

You can now see the Toy Library code


We update all the table’s design with the new version.