MiBaseNZ updated to 2.17.0 - 01/11/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #620: Reservations bug: When I am on a members page it shows me the list of toys they have reserved. When I click the blue toy number instead of taking me to that toy it is taking me to the last toy I returned
  • Ticket #624: Loan Page bug: cache problem under the member details.
  • Ticket #622: Issue with missing parts on emails

New Small Functionality

Filed for NOT renewable toys from members


Requested by North Otago Toy Library

“Could there be an option to tick a box in the toy details to say it is not renewable? Would be great for new and popular toys.”


Requested by Ellerslie

“Is it possible to have a function on MiBaseNZ where specific toys are not able to be renewed by members?
We have a couple of toys that has a long wait list.”


Now you can see this dropdown in the Edit Toy Page

and the member will be not allowed to renew the toy.

Membership Additional Function #612

Requested by Ellerslie Toy Library

“Is it possible to have a function that certain membership will not be able to reserve toys online? Or at least a way to restrict members from reserving toys online? “

Now you will see another column in the Membership page

New Reservation System

Admin website

The reservation system has been completely rewritten with some settings added.

Please, read the documentation here: Reserving a toy in the Admin Website

Member website

The reservation system has been completely rewritten.

reservation in the member website