MiBaseNZ updated to 2.18.1 - 17/01/2021

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #705: Can’t reserve on 21 March: Can you please look into why we can’t reserve toys on the 21st March? Says its an invalid date
  • Ticket #701: Toy not able to be reserved: member *** is trying to reserve toy *** for 7th March. When she goes to reserve it, nothing happens and its the same from the admin side. The dates highlight when selected but when we click ‘add reservation’ the highlighting goes away and doesn’t save. No error messages come up at all
  • Ticket #698: member unable to reserve toys: Member *** is trying to reserve toys for 17/01/21. She currently has 2 toys reserved but when she tries to reserve another she is getting an error message saying that she already has 4 toys reserved (which is the limit). I have looked at reservations and she definately only has 2 for that date
  • Ticket #691: Member balance is different on the payment screen from the loan screen: A casual member rejoined recently – she had an existing debit balance that she queried and put a concession card on her account. On payment screen it continued to show a debit balance. I did an adjustment to her account and then noticed on the loan screen that her balance was completely different – reread a note left by other librarian and think she had noticed same thing. Noticed on laptop but screenshot from my smartphone.
  • Ticket #672: Membership levy charge automatically appearing for online sign ups : When members who have selected the duties membership sign up online and we approve them, they are also automatically charged the levy along with the yearly fees (see attachment). Why does this do that and can you please stop this from continuing?