MiBaseNZ system updated to 3.0.4 - 21/11/2023

New system update with bugs fixed and some new small functionalities.

Add New Small Functionality on existing pages

  • Taupo Toy Library – #1401 New graph request: New chart is called “Income per financial year in the last 5 years”.
  • Taupo Toy Library – #1402 Graph for number of members and children fixed please: New chart called “Montlhy Avarage of Active Member” taking data from the Weekly Stat.
  • Otaki Toy Library – #1451 required fields for signup New setting in Public Setting called “second_contact_mandatory”. The default value is “No”.
  • Otaki Toy Library – New shortcode: value of toys rented in email. The shortcode is called [toys_value]

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #1214: Party Pack – pagination not working
  • Ticket #1431: Member id and Toy id buttons go to error page
  • Ticket #1449: reservations in december
  • Ticket #1460: Accounting Module Error
  • Ticket #1479: Missing Pieces not appearing in Member Website
  • Ticket #1497: Members cancelling duty
  • Ticket #1514: Missing parts that are listed as found are still showing on toy record on member website
  • Fixed Report of Expired Members

Reports, Bag Labels, and Member card

  • Whangarei Community Toy Library – #1440 A report for toy storage: New report called “Toy Storage”.
  • Taupo Toy Library – Bag Label request: baglabel_taupo_empty_space. No toy photo and no description.
  • Taupo Toy Library – Bag Label request: baglabel_taupo_box_small. Only toyid, age and toy name.
  • Taupo Toy Library – Bag Label request: baglabel_taupo_box_big. Only toyid, age and toy name.
  • Invercargill Toy Library – New Report request: “Unpopular Active 50 Toys since open”. Toy id, Toy Name, Category, Days out, Loans columns.
  • Devonport Toy Library – #1500 New report request: Adding the curent members on each date on the “Daily Stat by date range”