MiBaseNZ system updated to 2.20.2 - 05/12/2021

New system update with bugs fixed and some new small functionalities.

Add New Small Functionality on existing pages

  • Ticket #898 from Taupo Toy Library: Re Reservations – We added a setting that block a Member to re-reserve the same toy for a X number of days. Settings name “block_reservation_from_last”.
  • Click & Collect: The drop-off function has been re-called “Booking” and now is connected to the Click & Collect.

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #846 from Omokoroa Toy Library: Toy Reservation Issue.
  • Ticket #860 from Waiuku Toy Library: Fines issue.
  • Ticket #964 from Toy Box Toy Library: click and collect problem. Only for TL open fortnightly.

Reports, Bag Labels, and Member card


No new reports at this system update.

Bag Label

No new bag label at this system update.

Member card

No new Member card at this system update.

Coming soon!


Under the Reservation menu, you will see a new PREMIUM module “Booking System” that will be available next week.


Under the Setup menu, you can see 2 more modules coming soon!

coming soon


Under the Toy menu, you can see 1 more module coming soon!

Toy - Coming soon!