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MiBaseNZ WorkshopThis is an opportunity for toy libraries to host a MiBaseNZ workshop in their very own toy library.

The workshop is usually around 3 hours long on a Saturday or Sunday. The programme can be decided between the host and Daniela.

We are happy to travel throughout NZ visiting any toy library already using MiBaseNZ.

Join us at the next Workshop

May – North Otago – Thanks so much to Paula and North Otago Toy Library, we will add the date and the link of the event soon.

June – Ashburton – Thanks so much to Anthea and Ashburton Toy Library, we will add the date and the link of the event soon.

July – Wellington – Thanks so much to Yanka and Khandallah Plunket Toy Library, we will add the date and the link of the event soon.


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Hardware Requirements

Look to see where we are having our next workshop

      Would your toy library like to host a Workshop?

      Time and date will need to be organised one by one with the host, so other toy libraries in the area can join in the workshop as well.

      Fill in the form if you would like to host

        What we will need

        We will need a room with a power connection. It would also be great to have access to the internet however, if this is not possible we can use our smartphone.

        We will bring a laptop and a small projector, so, if you have an empty wall that would be great!

        What you will receive from us

        We will gift you a Barcode Scan reader.

        Workshop Programme

        The workshop will be about 2.5 hours and is divided into 3 parts:

        • The first part will cover the topic chosen by the host, about 1.5 hours
        • Break for about 15-20 minutes with snacks provided by MiBaseNZ and Massimo’s Italian Cheeses 🙂
        • The final part Daniela will show you new modules, how the barcode reader works with a new design of bag labels and ask questions about new functionalities needed by the toy libraries.

        Our Previous Workshops

        Papamoa Toy Library logo

        MiBaseNZ workshop/training day Tauranga/Papamoa

        The workshop has been organised in Tauranga/Papamoa by MiBaseNZ with Papamoa Toy Library on Sunday, 2nd February 2020. The Workshop went well and a few Toy Libraries joined.

        MiBaseNZ workshop/training day Christchurch

        The workshop has been organised in Christchurch by MiBaseNZ with Pegasus Parkland Toy Library on Sunday, 26th January 2020. The Workshop went very well and a lot of Toy Libraries joined.

        North West Toy Library logo

        MiBaseNZ workshop/training day Auckland

        The first workshop has been organised in Auckland by MiBaseNZ with North West Toy Library on Sunday, 24th Novembre 2019. The Workshop went very well, Daniela received a lot of question from all Toy Libraries joined.

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