Activating the Roster in the Member Website

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If you would like members to choose for themselves when they would like to complete their duties when they log into the Member Website, go to Setup -> Member.

Type the word ‘roster’ in the description and change the following settings to your liking.

Roster settings in the Member WebsiteRoster Setting 209

  • 213: This is an important one. For members to see the roster calendar in the member website you need to select Yes
  • 200: automatically approves a duty when a member selects one rather than waiting for admin to approve
  • 201: when a member logs in to the member website and views the roster calendar, you can decide if they can see the details of other members who have selected a duty, or not. Yes will show ID number, No will show ID number and member’s name
  • 202: Yes to exclude the coordinator (committee member)  from roster duties, No to include
  • 209: If you have selected No for setting 201, you can also add the member’s phone number as well by selecting Yes for this option.
    Toy Libraries show other members details to allow them to call each other if they need to swap their duties. Remember to ask your members permission to show their details

If you are using the Roster System in the Member Website, you should activate this below setting for the Admin Website. 

Go to Setup -> Administration

Type in ‘roster’ and change the setting to Yes.

Roster settings for admin website

What it will do is activate the two tables below in the admin Home page.

Roster tables in Admin home page

  • Members on Duty Today: will list what members will be completing their duty today
  • Member signed up for duty online: will list the members that have signed up for duty in the Member Website.
    If you have selected Yes for setting #200 above, this duty will automatically be approved. If you have selected No, an admin will need to approve it by clicking the pink ‘Go to Duty Page’ button which takes you to the Duty Roster page where you can click the yellow ‘Approve’ button.

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