Settings for the Roster page

If you have activated MiBaseNZ’s Roster page on the Member Website, you will need to decide what functions you would like members to see and use.

Using the 1-Click function

MiBaseNZ’s 1-click Function page is a fast and efficient way to export data or make changes to the database with just one click of a button.

Activating the Roster System

MiBaseNZ’s Roster System allows both admin and members to book duties. You can use it just in the admin website or in the member and public website.

Activating the Roster in the Public Website

Having a roster on a MiBaseNZ Public Website allows everyone to see who is doing what roster and when and how many spaces are available. Members cannot select a duty from there.

Setting Up Automatic Emails

MiBaseNZ has a different type of automatic email and you are able to activate/deactivate, choose the day to send and how many days before or after the event.

Booking a duty in the Member Website

MiBaseNZ’s Member Website makes booking a duty easy for members to do at home allowing them to choose a day that is most convenient for them.

Days and Times page

To set up days and times your toy library is open as well as holiday closure dates, MiBaseNZ has created the Day and Time page.

Roster Preferences – add or delete

If you require your members to help you in the library, you will need to setup duty preferences for the members to choose from. MiBaseNZ has created the Roster Preference page where you can add or delete a preference suitable to your library’s needs. This will also assist you when setting up a new member.