Category Human Resources

The Human Resource module will help Toy Libraries to manage their employees in an easy and fast way.
The module provides an employee’s list, each employee has their own personal details page and individual timesheet and there is the ability to download and/or print the timesheet.
A total number of hours that an employee works each day, week and month will help Committee with paying their employees.
Start to add your employees and then their timesheet.

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HR Module Home Page

MiBaseNZ's Human Resource module has been created to help libraries manage their employees and timesheets in a fast and efficient way.
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Employees page

MiBaseNZ's Employee page is where you can see the list of your current employees, add any new employees as well as edit or resign them.
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Former Employees page

MiBaseNZ's Former Employees page is where you can see a list of your ex-employees as well as view or edit their details page.
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