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MiBaseNZ’s Human Resource module has been created to help libraries manage their employees in a fast and efficient way. With this module, you are able to create a list of your employees, current and former, with each employee having their own personal details page and individual timesheets. You can also create a list of your Committee members and record information such as if they have keys or bank access.

To start using the HR module, go to Setup -> Human Resources (under the heading Running your Toy Library)HR Module

The home page will be blank, however, once you start adding in your timesheets and employees, they will be listed here.

On the left of this page, you can see five yellow buttons.

  • Human Resources: clicking this will bring you back to the home page as shown above. See below for further explanations
  • Employees: this page is where you add new employees, as well as edit or resign them, and see the full list of your current employees. Follow this link Employees, for further information
  • Timesheet: this page is where you add new timesheets for each employee as well as see all timesheets for all employees. Follow this link Timesheets, for further information
  • Committee: this page is where you add your Committee members as well as edit or resign them. Follow this link Committee, for further information
  • Former Employees: this page lists all your ex-employees. For further information on this page follow this link, Former Employees


Home Page

The five yellow buttons will appear on each of the pages so admin will not need to visit the home page to access them.

Next to the buttons, you will see a short description of what the HR module entails and how you can benefit from it.

Underneath the description, you will see the heading December 2020 Activities. Under that are the headings Timesheet/New Employees recorded. What this means is any timesheets or new employees recorded during the month of December will be listed here as well as in their main pages. At the beginning of each month, this heading will update with the name for that month and the information recorded here will be removed ready for the new month’s recorded information.
This information will not be deleted, as mentioned above it will be listed in their relevant pages.

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