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There are a couple of ways toy rent values can be changed in the MiBaseNZ system. Toys can either be changed individually or in bulk.

To change the rent value of an individual toy, find the toy in the Toy List, click the blue Edit button and change the rent value from the dropdown menu, remembering to click Save.

To change the rent value in bulk, however, can only be done by changing the rent assigned to a toy category which means all toys within that category will update to the new rent value selected.  The issue with this though is if toys in that category have different rent values.

Unfortunately, MiBaseNZ cannot isolate all toys with the same rent value across different categories to update them. If you do not want to change all the toys within that toy category to be the same, you will need to change the toys individually as outlined above.

If you are happy for all toys within that category to have the same rent value then go to Toy -> Toy Categories.
Click the blue Edit button on the category in which you like to change the rent, change the rent value and click Save.
Click the OK button and it will take you back to the Toy Category List page.
Click the purple Update all toys button and click OK to the alert message. All toys within that toy category will now have the same rent value.

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