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Setting up the Reservation System

Before you start using MiBaseNZ's Reservation System, you will need to check and change to your liking the settings for both admin and member websites.
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Stocktake page

MiBaseNZ's Stocktake page allows you to check and update all active toys in your library without having to open each toy's detail page.
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Toy Details page

Each toy has its own Toy Detail page showing the information saved in the Edit a toy page. You can also print bag labels, add missing parts and view its history from here.
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Editing a Toy page

Each toy has its own Edit a Toy page where details can be updated or amended. It can be accessed through a number of MiBaseNZ's pages.
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Toy Alerts page

MiBaseNZ's Alerts page lists all toy alerts created in the Loan or Edit a Toy page. Alerts can be seen in both Public and Member Websites.
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On Loan page

MiBaseNZ's On Loan page lists all toys currently out on loan including the overdue toys. This list can also be accessed from the Home page.
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Copy Toy page

A great way to save time when adding a new toy which is the same or very similar to an existing toy is to use MiBaseNZ's Copy Toy page.
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