New SMTP email delivery for MiBaseNZ

Due to the increase of emails going into spam for many toy libraries, we decided to start using third-party software for email delivery.

Each Toy Library will have a sub-account on the software and see all emails sent, who received them and, of course, nothing will go into spam anymore.

The software we choose is SMTP2GO, if you are curious, here is the info:

The full documentation is here:

We asked some Toy Library to be part of the test for 3 weeks and we had some great feedback:


Yep it worked well for us

Hi, Yep it worked well for us. I ask a couple of members whose emails had been going to spam and they reported they were receiving them in their inbox for the first time in months.

No more complaints, no more having to chase members!

The previous email system sent many of our member's emails to spam. Since the move, this is no longer happening and all those who were not receiving our emails in their inbox are now doing so. No more complaints, no more having to chase members! The features that come with this system are quite handy as well. The summary page giving an overview of emails sent is great, but to see on the Activity Report a breakdown of these emails, who has opened them, who has clicked on the links, if it's been rejected or the member has unsubscribed, plus many other options allows us to see any issues if they ever do come up plus an interesting overview of what happens to our emails.

Would love to continue with this programme though

Hi, It was great to see how many emails were sent, opened, or not opened, bounded back etc.  We still had some emails go to spam or junk folders though. Would love to continue with this programme though.

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Overall it looks great

It looks like the majority are going to their main email inboxes - not junk or spam. And it's great to be able to see the reports on incorrect email addresses - will be quick and easy to rectify from here. Overall it looks great and thanks for continuing to look at new options.

Mary-Anne Partelow
Taupo Toy Library