Activating the Covid19 Module

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This module was set up by MiBaseNZ to help toy libraries record the number of days they were closed during the Alert Levels due to Covid-19. When your library opens again, this module will calculate the total number of days closed and extend your members’ membership for the same amount of days.

This module will update daily (during the night) in the admin website until the library re-opens.

In the future, this module will be given a more generic name so it can be used for any future unforeseen circumstances that may warrant your library to be closed for a certain period. We will update you when this happens.

Step 1: To activate this module, you will need to add the date that your toy library closed.

Go to Setup -> Administration

Type in ‘date’ in the Name search box.

The setting is called closing_date. Click on the “Edit” button and type in the date the toy library closed due to Covid-19. Use the date format: dd/mm/yyyy.

Click on the “Save” button.

Leave the opening_date empty for now.


Step 2: What you will also need to do is turn off all automatic emails, so they will not be sent during this close down period.

Go to Setup -> Automatic Email

Activate the job called new_expire_covid by clicking on the “Edit” button.

Leave all the boxes as they are except for the last one. Use the arrow to select ‘Yes’ from the dropdown menu. Click “Save”.

This is just a job the server will run every night so no emails will be sent.


Step 3: Now the module has been activated, in the small top menu, you will find a new red button called “Covid19”. Click this button.

You will see the date your toy library closed and the number of days it has been closed for, which updates daily. You will also see a list of all your active members with the new expiry date and the old expiry date. The ‘New Expire’ date updates daily adding one more day every day until the library opens again.

When your toy library is ready to open again, this module will need to be de-activated and the automatic emails will need to be turned back on.

To find out how to do this, go to De-activating the Covid-19 Module

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