Terms & Conditions

MiBaseNZ’s Terms & Conditions page can be located in the footer at the bottom of each page on the Admin Website.

SMTP2GO – new email system

MiBaseNZ’s new email system will allow toy libraries to monitor their emails and see which ones have been sent, opened, rejected, or bounced.

Weekly Stat page

MiBaseNZ’s Weekly Stat page collates specific statistical information on your library on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Paid Modules page

For a one-off payment, MiBaseNZ provides additional Premium Modules for toy libraries with specific requirements.

Create your own email template

MiBaseNZ has provided toy libraries the ability to create their own email template specific to them. It can only be used in Bulk Emails.

Activity Log page

MiBaseNZ Activity Log page allows you to see all the activities occurring in your system as well as seeing where any errors are coming from. 

Setting up Email Templates

MiBaseNZ has a large selection of email templates to use. A general outline is provided which includes general and specific shortcodes.

Using the 1-Click function

MiBaseNZ’s 1-click Function page is a fast and efficient way to export data or make changes to the database with just one click of a button.