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Everything you need to set up your toy library is found on this page!
All the settings for the admin, public and member websites are viewed here. Setting up and creating automatic emails, adding administrators and volunteers, uploading files and so much more…

MiBaseNZ Setup page has a lot of functionalities and all of them will need to be set up carefully and properly to fully benefit from this great toy library management system.


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Paid Modules page

For a one-off payment, MiBaseNZ provides additional Premium Modules for toy libraries with specific requirements.
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Activity Log page

MiBaseNZ Activity Log page allows you to see all the activities occurring in your system as well as seeing where any errors are coming from. 
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Setting Up Automatic Emails

MiBaseNZ has a different type of automatic email and you are able to activate/deactivate, choose the day to send and how many days before or after the event.
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