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Once a non-member or client signs up to your toy library, they will have access to the Client Website. They should receive the Welcome email with a link to the website as well as their username and password.
The two websites are very similar with some minor differences. Once they log in, they will see the following pages.

Client Website pages

The main difference is the clients’ toy list is listed as Party Toys. There is no dropdown menu or filters like there is on the Member Website.
You will also not see the Roster page as clients are not required to complete duties.

With the Home page, clients will not see a reminder to renew their membership or the ability to renew it. Nor will they see the Duties heading. Lastly, they will be unable to view or add children as this option is not available for clients.

Under My Library, clients will not see the headings Roster Duties or Missing Pieces.

Otherwise, the rest of the Client Website is very similar to the Member Website with the ability to add toys to their wishlist, reserve toys, and view their transactional history.

The following article For clients – how to use the Client Website! is a guide you can give to your clients to assist them when using the website. Alternatively, you can add a link to this article to the Welcome email for the clients to read before logging on.

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