Overview of the Party Pack module

If you are reading this page, it is because you have purchased the Party Pack premium module. A quick access button will have been added in the second menu bar otherwise it can be found under the Toy Menu page.

This module will allow toy libraries to hire specific toys from specific categories to non-members, or clients. Once the module is set up, the toy library can choose which toys and categories a client can hire.

Party Pack module


All information regarding the Party Pack is listed on this page.

Settings and Content

The very first step before using this module is to set it up.
Follow this link for more information on Setting up the Party Pack module.


Client List

Once non-members or clients are added, they will be listed here. This list is completely separate from the members’ list but just like the members’ list, you can Edit or View the non-members/clients.

Follow this link to see how admin can Add a new client.
Follow this link to see how a client or non-member can sign up using the Party Pack Sign up page.

Client List Table

Toy List

All toys that are part of the Party Pack module and can be hired by non-members or clients will be listed here. This list is completely separate from the toy list for members but just like the members’ toys list, you can Edit or View the toys.
Follow this link to see how to Add toys and categories to the Party Pack.


Reservation List

All toy reservations made by non-members or by admin will be listed here. This reservation list is similar to the one for members but filtered specifically for non-members and once again just like the members’ reservation list, you can Edit or Delete the reservations.

Reservation List


Other Features to the Party Pack module

Public Website – separate Party Pack page

Client Website – different from the Member Website

Setting up the Party Pack module

If you are reading this page, it is because you have purchased the Party Pack premium module and you are ready to set it up.
Click the Party Pack quick access button in the second menu bar.

Party Pack module

In the first part of the page, there is a yellow Settings and content button.

Clicking this button will take you to a page with the following 3 sections that you can change and add to.


Client Subscription

All non-members (clients) will have an automatic subscription similar to your toy library memberships but without any membership fees and duties. They will also not receive any automatic emails.

Party Pack Subscription

This is the default subscription however your toy library can make any changes they would like by clicking the pink Edit button. The only thing you cannot change is the name of the subscription, CLIENT. This will not be visible online or to a non-member/client.
Remember to click Save once done.

Edit client subscription

  • Description: add whatever you like here or leave it blank
  • Expiry Period: type in the number of months
  • Rent: choose whether the toy hire is free, normal, double, or half
  • Max No Toys: decide how many toys a non-member or client can hire at one time
  • Return Period: how many days they can hire the toy
  • Visits: if you would like to limit the number of times they can hire add the maximum amount otherwise leave blank if there are no restrictions
  • Bond/Levy: if you would like to charge your non-members or clients a bond add in the amount. Do not type in the $ character.


Public Website Content

To personalise your Party Pack page on the Public Website, you can edit to your liking the title and content explaining what a non-member can hire and how. You can also add a link to the online sign up page.

The result on the Public Website is this.


You can also add content to the Signup Page on the Public Website.

The result on the Public website is this.


Once you have set up the Party Pack page, if you have not done so already, you will need to add the toys and/or toy categories that you would like to be seen on the Public Website.
Follow this link to learn how to Add toys and/or toy categories to the Party Pack.

Party Page in a public website

Party page on the Public Website

Once you have purchased the MiBaseNZ’s Party Pack module, a new page will be added to your Public Website called Party.

This page has a default layout however there are some things you can change and add to personalise it to how your toy library would like it.
You can change the:

  • Title: default is “Party Organisation”
  • Introduction: you can also add a link to the signup page here
    To change the title and introduction, follow this link Setting up the Party Pack module to see how
  • Toys and their Categories: categories are not compulsory, you can simply have a list of toys and party pack equipment. To see how to add them follow this link Adding toys and categories to the Party Pack

Party Page in a public website

Adding toys and categories to the Party Pack

As already mentioned in the Overview of the Party Pack module, non-members have their own separate toy list which you will need to add to.

To do this, you simply need to decide what toys you would like to add then go into each toy’s Edit a Toy page and select Yes from the Party Pack dropdown menu.
If you would also like non-members to be able to reserve the toys, you will also need to check the box This Toy can be reserved.


You can also decide if your toy library would like to create toy categories specific to the Party Pack module. Examples could be bouncy castles, roller coasters, or party pack equipment, it is up to you.

To create a toy category simply got to Toy -> Toy Categories 
Click Add New, add the details and make sure you select Yes from the Party Pack dropdown menu.
Below you can see a list of categories specific to the Party Pack.


It looks like this on the Public Website.
Note: If you decide not to use toy categories, the toys will still be listed on the Public Website, there just will be no dropdown list.

Adding a New Client

To add a new client or non-member to your Party Pack Client List is exactly the same way as you would add a new member.

Go to Member -> New Member


The difference being is you must select the membership CLIENT.
All other information can be added like any other member.

Add a new client

Party Pack Welcome Email

When a non-member signs up online to your Party Pack module, MiBaseNZ automatically sends a Welcome email that includes their login details. You can modify this email to include whatever you want.

Once this email is sent admin will also receive an automatic email informing them someone has signed up as a non-member.

To create/modify this email template go to Setup -> Email Template and type in ‘party’ as shown below and click the yellow edit button.

Email template for Party Pack

Then change the content in the email.
You can also add any generic shortcode you like to the email. Follow this link to view our full list of shortcodes.

Party Pack Welcome email

Click Save.
A Success message will appear. Clicking Go Back will take you back to the Email Templates page.

Success message


Client Login website

Client Website different from the Member Website

Once a non-member or client signs up to your toy library, they will have access to the Client Website. They should receive the Welcome email with a link to the website as well as their username and password.
The two websites are very similar with some minor differences. Once they log in, they will see the following pages.

Client Website pages

The main difference is the clients’ toy list is listed as Party Toys. There is no dropdown menu or filters like there is on the Member Website.
You will also not see the Roster page as clients are not required to complete duties.

With the Home page, clients will not see a reminder to renew their membership or the ability to renew it. Nor will they see the Duties heading. Lastly, they will be unable to view or add children as this option is not available for clients.

Under My Library, clients will not see the headings Roster Duties or Missing Pieces.

Otherwise, the rest of the Client Website is very similar to the Member Website with the ability to add toys to their wishlist, reserve toys, and view their transactional history.

The following article For clients – how to use the Client Website! is a guide you can give to your clients to assist them when using the website. Alternatively, you can add a link to this article to the Welcome email for the clients to read before logging on.