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MiBaseNZ has a very powerful membership setup, before start adding all your member you must create one or more memberships. Go to Member -> Membership

Then click “Add New”

The page has a lot of input and all of them are really important:

  • Membership Name (mandatory): Choose a membership name not too long and simple to remember/use, for example, Duty or Full or Committee
  • Membership Description: Explain the type of membership and if there is a duty or not
  • Expiry Period (mandatory): It’s the number of months of the membership, default is 12 months.
  • Max No Toys: the maximum number of toys that a member can have on loan, default is 3.
  • Required Duties: it’s the number of hours of duty due during the membership time, it’s important for duty membership.
  • Fee: it’s the cost of the membership, insert only numbers without $.
  • Return Period: it’s the number of days that a toy can be hired, default is 14 but can be different for each membership, for example, Rural or Childcare.
  • Rent: it’s a number, Insert 0 if rent is free, 1 if rent follows the rent in the toy detail page and 2 if rent is double of the rent in the toy detail page.
  • Exclude from Member Online: in the Join now page public a new member must insert a membership type, you can show some membership and hide others, for example, Duty or Full public and Committee hide. Choose No if you like the membership public and Yes private.
  • Bond/Levy: Insert the bond if the membership required
  • Membership Due Date: if the membership has a specific date of expiring, insert the date. We do not recommend using it.

After finish to fill in all data click the pink button on the bottom of the page “Add and New Membership Type”.

You will see the Success message or the Error message in case there is some problem.

After click OK you are back on the Membership List page.

After creating a new membership it will be great to create a specific Payment Option. Look the article Create a new payment option for the membership.