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Setting up the membership page and the different types of membership for your library is an extremely important step when starting to use MiBaseNZ. The reason being is that this is where the membership fee, the type of membership, the loan period, the maximum amount of toys members can have, the length of the membership, and the length of toy hire are all commanded from this page.

This page must be completed before you start adding in all your members and acquiring new ones.

To check all your memberships, go to Member -> Membership

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Then check all info in the list, if you have any

Membership Page

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Detailed descriptions of each field

  • id: it is automatically generated from the system and is a sequential number
  • Category Name (mandatory): choose a membership name, not too long, which is simple to remember/use, for example, Duty or Full or Committee. The name will appear in your Public Website in the Join Now page
  • Description: explains the type of membership and if there is a duty or not. The description will appear in your Public Website in the Join Now page
  • NoToys: is the maximum number of toys that a member can loan. In the loan page when a member reaches the maximum number of toys allowed, the system will block the admin from loaning more toys
  • Fee: the cost of the membership. Insert only numbers without the $ sign. When the admin adds a new member or renews a membership on an expired or due to expire member, the system will add the amount in the payment system. If it is 0 nothing will be added
  • Duties: the number of hours of duty due during the membership time, not the number of sessions!  This is important for duty membership. Remember that MiBaseNZ calculates the numbers of duties in hours, not sessions! For example, 4 sessions will be recorded as 8 hours
  • Return: the number of days that a toy can be hired, the default is 14 but it can be different for each membership. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to add the number carefully. If you leave a 0, the system will hire toys but the due date will be the same as the loan date
  • Expiry (mandatory): the number of months of the membership, the default is 12 months. If you leave a 0, each time you insert a new member or renew an existing member, the expiry date will NOT change
  • Exclude: in the Join Now page on the public website, a new member must insert a membership type. You can choose to show some membership types and hide others, for example, Duty or Full can be made public and Committee can be hidden. Choose No if you like the membership public and Yes to keep it private
  • Bond/Levy: insert the bond if the membership requires it. For example, for a duty membership, if a member misses a duty and the fine is $10, add 10 in this field
  • Rent: you can choose rent to be Free, Normal, Half or Double in the toy detail page
  • Due: if the membership has a specific expiry date, insert the date. We do not recommend using it. The system will NOT calculate any depreciation on the fee when a new member joins or renew the membership in the middle of the year
  • NoMembers: this is a calculation of the number of members using each membership. Remember, if you didn’t change the membership to be Resigned and/or Locked, you will have all the old members added in the calculation.

How important is the Rent field

The Rent field on the page is very important and it commands the rent cost when admin loans or renews a toy. If a specific membership has Free rent, the system will not charge any rent for loans or toy renewals.
The initial cost comes from the TOY. If the toy has a $1.00 rent in the toy detail page the cost of rent will change as per the different type of membership. For example, the membership with Double will be charged $2.00 for this toy or the membership with Half will be charged $0.50.

Delete Membership

If you are not using some of the memberships you can delete them. If you only have some members that are actually using the membership and you would like to move them, you can do this using 2 different ways:

  1. Delete the membership and the system will automatically move all these members to the INACTIVE membership. Once you have done that, go into your members’ list, check who has the INACTIVE membership and change them to the correct membership.
  2. Go into your members’ list, change the membership that you need to change to all your members, and then delete the membership from the Membership page.

Follow the article, Create a new membership, if you need to add a new one.

Follow the article, Create a new payment option for the membership, if you need to speed up your payment system.

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