Member Alerts page

MiBaseNZ Members Alerts page is a full list of all the alerts that have been added on the Loan or Member Detail page.

Waiting Members page

MiBaseNZ’s Members Waiting page allows toy libraries to add members to a waiting list when they have reached their maximum quota.

How to resign or lock a member

There are two ways to resign or lock a member. It can be automatic and requires activating a cron job or admin can manually make the change.

Member Detail page

Each member has their own Member Detail page. Once a member has been added, and the information has been filled in, it can be viewed here.

Editing Member’s Detail page

A member’s details can be edited or updated in their own Editing Member page. You can also renew their membership on this page. 

Members List – Second Menu

MibaseNZ’s Members List page is easily located in the second menu bar allowing you quick access to all your active members and their details.

Add a New Member

Once you have created your different membership types, you can now start adding in your members. MiBaseNZ has a rather detailed New Members page which will automatically assign your member the next available ID number.