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When starting up with MiBaseNZ, toy libraries are entitled to a customised bag label. Each toy library is different in what they would like to see on their bag labels. They can vary in size, have a barcode or not, may include warnings or alerts, have a toy description…whatever you would like to appear on your bag label is up to you.

MiBaseNZ already provides a large selection of bag labels however if none of these suits your toy library, you can simply request your own.

All you need to do is create a template or a mock example of what you would like on your bag label,  Open a Ticket, attach the example to the ticket and we can create it for you. It doesn’t matter how you create the template, whether you just draw it or do an example in Word. The different size options are A4, A5 and A6 if you need a particular size.

To view the selection of bag labels simply go to any toy detail page. To the far right, you will see the following,

Bag label dropdown menu

Click on the dropdown menu and choose from the extensive list. Once you have selected the label, click the green Open BagLabel on pdf.

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