Returned page

MiBaseNZ’s Returned page lists all returned toys. The date range search fields allow you to view toys returned on a particular day.

Customised Bag Labels

Toy libraries are entitled to a customised bag label. MiBaseNZ provides a large selection however if none suits, you can request your own.

Stocktake page

MiBaseNZ’s Stocktake page allows you to check and update all active toys in your library without having to open each toy’s detail page.

Toy Details page

Each toy has its own Toy Detail page showing the information saved in the Edit a toy page. You can also print bag labels, add missing parts and view its history from here.

Editing a Toy page

Each toy has its own Edit a Toy page where details can be updated or amended. It can be accessed through a number of MiBaseNZ’s pages.

Toy Alerts page

MiBaseNZ’s Alerts page lists all toy alerts created in the Loan or Edit a Toy page. Alerts can be seen in both Public and Member Websites.

On Loan page

MiBaseNZ’s On Loan page lists all toys currently out on loan including the overdue toys. This list can also be accessed from the Home page.