How to return a toy

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To register a toy returned go to Return (green button). Then you will see a very simple page with only 2 inputs:

Toy ID: you can use this input to insert a toy id that you already know or you can add by scanning with the barcode scanner.

Search Toy Name: if you don’t know the id you can search for the toy name.


Using the Toy ID

If you inserted or scanned a toy id you will return the toy without any other click and you will see the toy in the list:

In the return list table you will see:

  • id: an id to identify the record,
  • ReturnDate: the return date, today,
  • ToyID: the toy id with also the blue button when there is the image and white when the toy doesn’t have any image,
  • MemID: the member id, if you click the pink button you will go in the member detail page,
  • Member: the member full name,
  • Time: the time when the toy has been returned,
  • LoanDate: when the toy has been loaned from the member,
  • DueDate: when the toy was due if it’s overdue you will see the date in red.
  • Days: the number of days the toy was overdue if it’s positive, the toy was overdue and probably a fine has been applied. If it’s negavite the toy has been returned back before the due date.


Using the Search Toy Name

If you are using the search input after finding the toy you need one more click on the Return green button to return the toy

After clicking the return button you will see a toy in the list

When you are using the Search function you will see all the information about the toy, member and the Fine if has been applied and how much!

In this toy library in the demo, the fine is $1.50 per week and also has 1 day grace.

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