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In MiBaseNZ every toy can have an image. You can upload, change or delete an image.

Upload a toy image in a new toy

Open the toy detail page from a toy list

Click the blue button “Upload Toy Image”.

In the page click “choose file”

Then choose the file in your computer, remember the file need to be less than 1.5MB.

After uploading the image click the green button “Upload Complete Show Picture“.

Then you will see the toy image

Change the toy image

If you have to change a toy image it’s better to delete the old image before uploading the new one. Under the toy image on the right of the toy detail page, you will see 2 buttons, “Delete picture” and “Change toy image”.

After clicking the Delete Picture you will see the grey No Image and you can now upload a new picture. Or you can click directly to Change Toy Image button and follow the same instruction to Upload a new toy image.

If you see again the old image it’s probably cache problem, so, log out and log in again.


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