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MiBaseNZ provides additional Premium Modules for toy libraries with specific requirements. On this Paid Modules page you will see a list of the modules that your toy library can purchase. The cost is a one-off payment with nothing added to the hosting cost.

To view this list go to Setup -> Paid Modules

Paid Modules page

For each module, there is a short description and a link to further information.
If the link says More info, it will take you to a page outlining what the module can offer your toy library and its specific features. This also means the module is not available just yet.
If the link says Documentation, it will take you to the articles explaining how to use the module. This also means this module is available to toy libraries.


Company as a Member

This module will allow toy libraries to add a company such as childcare or a school to their list of members. This module will have its own page and Company List separate from your toy library’s Member List.

It will be available by Easter 2021.


Party Pack

This module will allow toy libraries to hire specific toys from specific categories to non-members, or clients. Once the module is set up, the toy library can choose which toys and categories a client can hire.

This module is available now.


Click and Collect

This module allows the admin and members of a toy library to be able to book a time and date to pick up and/or drop off toys that have been reserved.

This module is available now.


Gift Voucher

This module will provide toy libraries with the ability to create their own gift voucher by choosing from a selection of designs and deciding what information they would like to appear on the voucher.

It will be available by mid-2021.

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