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Create your own email template

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No toy library and how it operates is the same. For this reason, MiBaseNZ has given toy libraries the ability to create and save their own email template.
This email template can only be used and sent from Bulk Emails. It cannot be set up and sent as an Automatic Email.

The first important step is to create your email template.

Go to Setup -> Email Template and click the turquoise Add New button at the top right of the page.

Add new email template

Then choose and add the name, heading and content of the email.

  • Template Name: must be simple, short with no spacing. If you want to add two or three words for the name use an underscore(_) as space. For example, renew_mem_family
  • Subject: heading for the email
  • Message: add whatever content you would like the email to be about

New email template

Click Save.
A Success message will appear underneath the Save button.

Clicking OK will take you back to the Email Templates page where your email template will appear in the list.

Test Email

It will also appear in the Email Template dropdown menu under Bulk Emails.

Go to Members -> Bulk Emails


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