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Add a New Member

Once you have created your different membership types, you can now start adding in your members. MiBaseNZ has a rather detailed New Members page which will automatically assign your member the next available ID number.
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Children List page

MiBaseNZ Children List page shows all children belonging to active members only, meaning children of expired or not active members will not be listed here.
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Not Active Members page

To see a full list of your resigned or locked members, their account balance or the reason for their not active status, go to the MiBaseNZ Not Active page.
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Members Expired page

To see a full list of your expired members, their account balance and duty situation, go to the MiBaseNZ Members Expired page.
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Members Stat page

MiBaseNZ's Members Stat page allows toy libraries to view specific information on all their members; active, expired, resigned and locked.
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De-activating the Covid-19 Module

If you are reading this page, it means your toy library has decided on the day that you will be re-opening which means you will need to de-activate the Covid-19 Module. IMPORTANT: De-activation must happen on the FIRST day of re-opening, not any time before or after. The reason for this is to allow MiBaseNZ to accurately record the total number of days the library was closed and add this to your members' membership.
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Activating the Covid19 Module

This module was set up by MiBaseNZ to help toy libraries record the number of days they were closed during the Alert Levels due to Covid-19. When your library opens again, this module will calculate the total number of days closed and extend your members membership for the same amount of days.
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