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Member Detail page

Each member has their own Member Detail page. Once a member has been added, and the information has been filled in, it can be viewed here.
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Add a New Member

Once you have created your different membership types, you can now start adding in your members. MiBaseNZ has a rather detailed New Members page which will automatically assign your member the next available ID number.
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Renewing a Membership

Renewing a membership in MiBaseNZ can be done in two places, in the admin website or by the member in the Member Website.
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Children List page

MiBaseNZ Children List page shows all children belonging to active members only, meaning children of expired or not active members will not be listed here.
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Not Active Members page

To see a full list of your resigned or locked members, their account balance or the reason for their not active status, go to the MiBaseNZ Not Active page.
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Members Expired page

To see a full list of your expired members, their account balance and duty situation, go to the MiBaseNZ Members Expired page.
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