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This email will allow you to send to all your active members (expired and not expired) the last three months of their transactions or their full list of transactions depending on the shortcode that you use.

The first important step is to create/modify this email template.

Go to Setup -> Email Template, type in ‘member_transaction’ as shown below, and click the yellow edit button.

Email Template

Then change the content in the email.

Member Transaction email template

Click Save.
A Success message will appear. Clicking Go Back will take you back to the Email Templates page.Success message


Specific Shortcodes

For this particular email, you need to choose from two specific Member Transaction shortcodes:

  • [member_transaction] – will give you a list of the last 3 months of transactions
  • [member_transaction_all] – will give the entire list of transactions.
    Remember, for some members, this list will be very long!
    Instead of sending this email, we suggest you activate the Transaction page in the Member Website. Follow this link to see how to Activate the Transaction page

Both shortcodes will provide a list of transactions in a table format as seen below. The list will vary in length depending on which shortcode you use.

As you can also see above, some generic shortcodes have been used, [firstname] and [balance]. You can add any generic shortcode you like to the email. Follow this link to view our full list of shortcodes.


Transaction List

Member transaction for the last 3 months

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