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We are getting a few tickets from libraries requesting us to change a toy’s ID. Once a toy ID has been allocated you cannot change it, or delete it. There is one exception to this which will be explained further below.

The reason MiBaseNZ is set up so IDs cannot be changed is to prevent losing a toys loan, payment, reservation, and missing pieces history which will happen when a new ID is selected. This in turn will throw out any of the statistical information you would obtain from the toy which will result in inaccurate reporting.

Please note, you can change a toy’s category however this will not change the ID. This only affects toy libraries that use categories as part of their toy IDs, for example, AP123. If you move the toy to PUZ, it will still have AP in the ID.

So, the ONLY exception to this rule is if a new toy has just been added to the system and has not been activated yet meaning it will have no loan, payment, reservation, and missing pieces history.
If this is the case for you Open a ticket and let us know which toy ID you would like changed.

Remember, once a toy has been activated and loaned the ID cannot and will not be changed!

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