MiBaseNZ system updated to 2.19.2 - 07/06/2021

New system update with bugs fixed, some small functionalities and new report.

Add New Small Functionality on existing pages

  • Ticket #821 from Devonport: Payment categories, now the word used for Fine is “Fine: Late fee”.
  • We added 2 more settings, one in Admin and another in the Members. You can now choose if you want to block the member to renew toys when their membership is expired!


Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #803 from Taupo Toy Library: Members not active – wrong date joined
  • Ticket #786 from Papamoa Toy Library: Member Alert not Saving when there is an apostrophe in the content.
  • Ticket #694 from Pegasus Toy Library: Renewing overdue toys, not being charged when the holiday function is active.
  • Link to the ticketing system changed in the Admin Home Page.

Reports, Bag Labels, and Member card


1 new report

missing parts by date range

Bag Label

No new bag label at this system update.

Member card

No new Member card at this system update.

Coming soon!


Under the Setup menu, you can see 2 more modules coming soon!

coming soon


Under the Toy menu, you can see 1 more module coming soon!

Toy - Coming soon!