MiBaseNZ system updated to 2.19.3 - 27/06/2021

New system update with bugs fixed and some new small functionalities.


We found a great web application to optimize the images called Imagify. We will give access to everyone and you can use it for FREE.

Image optimization is about reducing the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that your page load times remain low. It’s also about getting your images to rank on Google and other image search engines.

For more information please check our documentation How to optimise an image with Imagify.

Add New Small Functionality on existing pages

  • Ticket #853 from Ashburton Toy Library: New Toy status – Combined.
    Toy Status
  • Ticket #840 from Otaki Toy Library: Payment – forced to choose a payment option.
    Payment type
  • Ticket #833 from Rangiora Toy Library: Would it be possible to not see the name of the second contact on the member list?
    The first and second contact in separate columns.
  • Ticket #828 from Rangiora Toy Library: number of latest additions on the homepage.
    Has been added a new setting called “last_toys_created” where you can add the numbers of toy you want to see on the Home page. Remember to use a multiple of 3.
  • Toy picture upload: Block the upload when the image is bigger than 2 MB.
    Toy picture uploader

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #845 from Parklands (ex Pegasus) Toy Library: Committee charged full price.
  • Ticket #855 from Rangiora Toy Library: Members cant see all toys to reserve.
  • Ticket #832 from Rangiora Toy Library: party pack module, the client signup has expiry date 1/1/70.

Reports, Bag Labels, and Member card


No new reports at this system update.

Bag Label

No new bag label at this system update.

Member card

No new Member card at this system update.

Coming soon!


Under the Setup menu, you can see 2 more modules coming soon!

coming soon


Under the Toy menu, you can see 1 more module coming soon!

Toy - Coming soon!