MiBaseNZ system updated to 2.19.1 - 25/04/2021

New system update with bugs fixed, some small functionalities, new bag labels, and a NEW Premium Committee Module.

New Premium Module

Committee Module

The Committee module will help Toy Libraries to manage their volunteer work in an easy and fast way.
The module provides a Committee page with the list of members and if they have keys or bank access, each Committee has their own personal details page and individual timesheet. There is the section with meetingsminutes, and events, so, everything a Toy Library will need.

This module will have different sections. The yellow sections, free for everyone, are Toy Library Legal information page and committee page list and detail. The orange sections, free only for Platinum Hosting/Setup, are Committee Timesheet, Events and Meetings Page with details, and the Home Page has the Current month activities and the Event/Meeting Calendar for the current month and 2 next months.

Toy libraries with Platinum Hosting will receive this for FREE. Silver and Gold hosting will be required to pay the one-off cost of the module.

The module is on promotion until 25th May 2021. Cost: $50   Promotion cost: $33

All information and the list of the features is here: https://mibase.co.nz/paid-modules/committee/

The complete documentation is here: https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/category/committee-premium-paid-module/

Add New Small Functionality on existing pages

Roster System

Added the column of the number of hours in the list of duty roster.

Duty Roster - MiBaseNZ

Reservation System

The reservation system has been updated and now it’s NOT possible anymore to make a reservation from the admin and members website that is less than 3 days.

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #787 from Taupo Toy Library: Income – Hi there – have just logged in to add payment to a members account and had a look at dynamic dashboard – it is only registering that one payment so showing income for April only $13.50 – we were open on the 1st and payments between the 1st and 2nd are $166 – can this please be rectified. Many thanks
  • Ticket #801 from Pegasus Toy Library: Active Reservation link on the Home page not working – When I click the link ‘click to see’, it takes me to a 404 error page.

Reports, Bag Labels, and Member card

Bag labels

2 new bag labels created for Geraldine Toy Library but everyone can use them.



This bag label has only the toy id, toy name, and toy photo.



This bag label is complete but doesn’t have a toy library address and toy rent.

The field battery is dynamic, so, if there is something different from “not need it” it will be seen if not the Donated by it will show up instead.

2 new bag labels created for Ellerslie Toy Library but everyone can use them.



and another small

baglabel_sistema_small_ ellerslie2

baglabel_sistema_small_ ellerslie2


No new reports at this system update.

Member card

No new Member card at this system update.

Coming soon!


Under the Setup menu, you can see 2 more modules coming soon!

coming soon


Under the Toy menu, you can see 1 more module coming soon!

Toy - Coming soon!