MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.18.1

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.18.1 - 17/01/2021

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #705: Can’t reserve on 21 March: Can you please look into why we can’t reserve toys on the 21st March? Says its an invalid date
  • Ticket #701: Toy not able to be reserved: member *** is trying to reserve toy *** for 7th March. When she goes to reserve it, nothing happens and its the same from the admin side. The dates highlight when selected but when we click ‘add reservation’ the highlighting goes away and doesn’t save. No error messages come up at all
  • Ticket #698: member unable to reserve toys: Member *** is trying to reserve toys for 17/01/21. She currently has 2 toys reserved but when she tries to reserve another she is getting an error message saying that she already has 4 toys reserved (which is the limit). I have looked at reservations and she definately only has 2 for that date
  • Ticket #691: Member balance is different on the payment screen from the loan screen: A casual member rejoined recently – she had an existing debit balance that she queried and put a concession card on her account. On payment screen it continued to show a debit balance. I did an adjustment to her account and then noticed on the loan screen that her balance was completely different – reread a note left by other librarian and think she had noticed same thing. Noticed on laptop but screenshot from my smartphone.
  • Ticket #672: Membership levy charge automatically appearing for online sign ups : When members who have selected the duties membership sign up online and we approve them, they are also automatically charged the levy along with the yearly fees (see attachment). Why does this do that and can you please stop this from continuing?
HR module

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.18.0

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.18.0 - 05/12/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #625: Toys not active list: Hi there – I’ve just gone to my “toys not active page” and the only things that show up are in the games category – I have not put in anything to filter category etc it has just come up like this – if I do put in a category like TRA, RIO ETC it comes up with a blank page – what’s happening with this please and can it be rectified asap. Thanks.
  • Ticket #662: Committee discount too much: Our toy hire committee discount should be half price but it seems to be 3 quarters and only charging committee members 1 quarter of the toy hire price.

New Small Functionality added

Make trial membership unable to be renewed #655

Requested by North Otago Toy Library

“Is there a way our trial membership can be set to unrenewable online by members? Currently, they can renew online but they should be switching to another membership, not a trial.”

Confirmation message for renewals #512

Requested by Taupo Toy Library

“Hi there – was wondering if there could be a confirmation message pop up when a toy library member renews their toys online….just something like your other ones for admin “success your toy/s have been renewed” – at the moment when they renew yes it does change the date but if you’re not paying attention and didn’t notice that then it would be easy to click renew a couple of times. I’ve shown a few members our test site and how it works and they all say the same thing it would be easy to miss as a lot of mums can be tired, maybe distracted if their children are playing up etc.”

Delete Duty on member website – Email to Admin

Requested by Papakura during Webinar

“When a member deletes a duty already assigned the Admin will like to receive an email.”

An “are you sure” feature #511

Requested by Taupo Toy Library

“Hiya – so with the delete function is there any chance – as a safe guard – that there can be an “are you sure you want to delete…yes or no” pop up that comes up? At this stage it is really easy to hit delete by mistake and all info is automatically gone. The other day I was making a few changes in regards to memberships and accidently clicked on delete instead of edit – I then had to go through and re do the membership type and then re-instate all members to it – luckily it was just a small category 🙂 I think it would be a really good safe guard. Cheers”

Requested by North Otago Toy Library

“Would there be any way to have a check before it deletes in the future? So if you hit the button a prompt comes up asking if you are sure you want to delete?”

New Module: Human Resource

Admin website

New module a simple human resource function, with a list of employees (current or old), timesheets, reports and much more.
This is a functionality in your Admin website under the Menu Setup under the “Running your toy library” section.

Te Puke Toy Library asks for a simple timesheet by our ticketing system and we decide to create something more powerful.

HR module

The module has a home page and 3 different sections:

  • Employees (current and former)
  • Timesheet
  • Committee

There is a description in each section, please click the “Documentation” button.

Complete documentation here: https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/category/human-resources/

New functionality: member card

Admin website

A member card that you can print and give to the member.

reservation in the member website

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.17.0

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.17.0 - 01/11/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #620: Reservations bug: When I am on a members page it shows me the list of toys they have reserved. When I click the blue toy number instead of taking me to that toy it is taking me to the last toy I returned
  • Ticket #624: Loan Page bug: cache problem under the member details.
  • Ticket #622: Issue with missing parts on emails

New Small Functionality

Filed for NOT renewable toys from members


Requested by North Otago Toy Library

“Could there be an option to tick a box in the toy details to say it is not renewable? Would be great for new and popular toys.”


Requested by Ellerslie

“Is it possible to have a function on MiBaseNZ where specific toys are not able to be renewed by members?
We have a couple of toys that has a long wait list.”


Now you can see this dropdown in the Edit Toy Page

and the member will be not allowed to renew the toy.

Membership Additional Function #612

Requested by Ellerslie Toy Library

“Is it possible to have a function that certain membership will not be able to reserve toys online? Or at least a way to restrict members from reserving toys online? “

Now you will see another column in the Membership page

New Reservation System

Admin website

The reservation system has been completely rewritten with some settings added.

Please, read the documentation here: Reserving a toy in the Admin Website

Member website

The reservation system has been completely rewritten.

reservation in the member website

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.12

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.16 - 06/10/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #402: member name not changing in loan page
  • Ticket #578: Toys List for Stocktake
  • Ticket #588: 404 Error when trying to add in new prices
  • Ticket #583: Duties not recording
  • Ticket #590: Toy Stat export issue
  • Ticket #593: PDF Report

New Functionality

New Email Template for bulk emails

Requested by Taupo Toy Library

You can now create email templates to be using in your bulk emails
Go to Setup -> Email template

New bag label


Requested by Devonport Toy Library

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.11

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.11 - 26/09/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #557: Reserved toy on loans page
  • Ticket #558: Issue with member access
  • Ticket #559: member unable to reserve toys
  • Ticket #561: My wishlist
  • Ticket #572: Unable to use the Member Alerts Box on the Loans Screen
  • Ticket #577: Returning toys
  • Ticket #578: Toys List for Stocktake

New Page

Activity Log

MiBaseNZ has created the Activity Log page so you can see all the activities occurring in your system as well as seeing where any errors are coming from.

If multiple users log in to the system, then keeping an activity log will help you monitor all user activity. This means that all activities happening in your admin website by your admin and volunteers, all activities that your members will do in the Member Website and even the systems server activities will be recorded.

When an admin, or a volunteer or a member changes any data or deletes or adds any information, the log system will record these changes adding a separate row for each activity.

Documentation: Activity Log page

New small functionality changed

New button – All Not Active Toys to Excel

Added the new button under Setup -> One-click function.

New small design changed

More info in the Home Page

You can now see the Toy Library code


We update all the table’s design with the new version.

List of all toy categories

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.10

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.10 - 16/09/2020

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #558: Issue with member access
  • Ticket #556: Members site
  • Ticket #555: Members reserving toys online

Old function changed

Toy Category Page

We added the column called “Public”, now you can choose which category can be selected in the Public and Member website. If, for example, you have some category without any toys yet or with not active toys only, you can remove the category from the Public and Member website.

Toy Category

Documentation: The importance of toy categories

New Report

Toy Not Active List with purchase by date range

Requested by Eastern Bays Toy Library


New Email Template


You can now create the newsletter template and use in the bulk email



New small design changed

More info in the Home Page

You can now see the list of reservation active and client (only for party pack module)

Toy -> Age Group

You now have the Add new form in the page not in a different page.

Toy -> Condition

You now have the Add new form in the page not in a different page.

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.9

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.9 - 06/09/2020

New Page in Admin - Reservation History

You can see all different reservation created in the past with the different status, loaned or deleted.

Go to Reserve

Click Reservation History

New Page in Member and Public websites

Ticket #507: Toy reservation request.

Requested from North West Toy Library

Hi Daniela,
I understand that members can see if a toy is reservable when they look at individual toys in the catalogue, but I was wondering if there could be just one place that they had to look to see the whole reservable list of toys – a list or a page or a drop down where they were all in one place – like the report that admin can generate, but for members to see (so maybe just the name of the toy and the picture, something simple like that) –
then they can go into the catalogue and go straight to that toy to reserve it.
I hope that makes a bit more sense?

We created the page called “Reservable toys” in the both Member and Public website. To show the page go in your Public settings and change both settings “menu_toy_reservable” and “limit_reservable”

New detail in the toy detail page in Member and Public websites

Tags – Keywords

We added the list of tags or keywords in the toy page in both member and public websites.

It will improve the visibility in Google and soon it will be possible to click on one of it and go in the list of toys that has the same tag.



Bugs fixed

Ticket #481: Incomplete email address showing in the member list

Ticket #526: It wont allow me to add a new child to a members profile.

Ticket #528: Unable to enter child’s birthdays

Ticket #531: Children’s dates of birth

Ticket #535: Adding children’s name and DOB to new member

Ticket #537: Add child not working

Ticket #538: Opening Hours on bag Label Squished

Old function changed

Delete a reservation

You are still able to delete a reservation but now the system will change the status to “Deleted” instead to delete from the database.

New small design changed

Member website

Toy menu: the menu has been changed like the menu in the public website with 4 sub-menus.

One-click button

One-click function page: we added a new button in the right part of the page called “not reservable all toys”.

List of 1 click functions

Documentation here: https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/using-the-1-click-function

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.8

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.8 - 30/08/2020

New Functionality - Wishlist on the Member Website

Now your members will be able to look all your toys and add some of them in their wish list and loan or reserve in the future.

New Page with the list of toys wished and the possibility to see the status, in library, on loan, if it’s reserved and when and also the ability to click and reserve the toy or delete it.

To add the toy in the wish list, your member will have to open the toy detail page and click >> Add to my wishlist << or >> delete from my wishlist << if it’s already been added.


The button “Reserve” will appear only if you have the reservation system active in your system.

Documentation here: https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/my-wishlist-page/

Bugs fixed

Ticket #496: Click and Collect question

Ticket #489: Stocktake date not displayed

Ticket #497: Missing piece refund box not appearing

Ticket #521: Toy reserve

Ticket #523: Can’t remove reservation option

New Reports

Toy that can be reserved List

Requested by North West Toy Library

New small addition in some pages

#496: Click and Collect question

Requested by North West Toy Library

Hi guys. We have had a member trying to make a click and collect booking for today. She has reserved her toys but when she goes into click and collect no dates show on the drop down menu for her to be able to make a booking. When I go in and try to add a booking as an admin, I can’t see her in the drop down menu to be able to add her manually either. Can you please suggest any reasons why this might be happening/what she has done wrong?

The click and collect function was allowing to record a collection day/time from the day after, now you are able to add the day/time to collect in the same day.

#438: Accessories location

Requested by Papamoa Toy Library

I also looked at the location box in toy edit, but we are not able
to add text into this box. My concern is that this will not show up on the
loans page as we are loaning or returning a toy, as it’s important that our
can see this alert on return also so they know where the accessories go. I
think loading the accessories
as an admin alert will be better for us.

We created a new filed to add the location any accessories or documents in the toy detail page and toy edit form. You will see the info also show up in the loan screen.

#509: download all the pages labels together

Requested by Eastside Toy Library

I would love to be able to download all the pages labels together ❤ just so I can do a bulk print and stick session!

We added the third box in the Report page where you are now allowed to print all toys in a specific category. Please, if you have more than 100 toys in a category run the bag label during nights.

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.7

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.7 - 16/08/2020

Covid function has been changed

The Covid function has been moved under Setup -> Temporary close 

 and now you are able to Activate or De-activate with just one click!

Bugs fixed

Ticket #489: Stocktake date not displayed

New Report

#458: Toys List in the library grouped by category with box note

Requested by Waimairi Toy Library

Hello, are we able to have a smaller printable stock take toy list, excluding loaned toys as its a struggle to print the report due to its size.

New email template with a setting

#422: renew_membership

Requested by North West Toy Library

We would like an email template (like welcome email) to be set up for when members renew their membership. To say something like: Dear [member], Thanks you very much for renewing your [type – eg: 6 month duty] membership with [toy library name]. Please make sure you carefully read through our updated terms and conditions – these might have changed slightly since you first joined. We are very appreciative of your ongoing support and use of our service. Kindest regards, [toy library name] team.
We would like it to sent out AUTOMATICALLY when members renew their membership (one less thing/button to click for people/volunteers to have to remember!)

We created the email template and we added the settings to send automatically the email.

FIRST STEP – Go to Setup -> Email Template and search for “renew_membership“, look the template and change if you need it.

SECOND – Go to Setup -> Administration settings and search for “auto_renew_email“, if you like to have the function that send the email automatically change that to YES otherwise you will see the email button “Send Renew Membership Email” after you renew the membership!

New section in a page

Days and Times

You can add all holidays or days when your Toy Library will be close. Remember to delete the old one and add the new one every year.
On the next update those holiday will be used into the New Reservation, Public and Member website messages and in the New Roster System.

New small addition in same pages

#456: Under ‘Editing Member’ page, Expired date not a year from renewing date

Requested by Papamoa Toy Library

Expired Members renewing on a later date than the date expiring, the system doesn’t alter a years expiry date from day you renew. It only does this if you renew on date of expiry. We then need to go back in and change this ourselves to reflect the correct date of expiry. Please could you look into this for us. I mentioned it at the training workshop which you then looked at and agreed was happening. It’s just something we have become use to fixing but it is a beggar. Thanks

Now you have a new setting called “expire_from_now“.

The function now works in this way: 

if you choose Yes, when you renew a membership BEFORE the due date it will still add the number of months from the type of membership from the expire date – when you renew a membership AFTER the due date the new expire date will add the number of months from the type of membership from today.

If you choose No, the function will remain as is now, so the new expire date will add the number of months from the type of membership from the old expire date.

#450: New Function – creating a block for no more loans

Requested by Pegasus Toy Library

We have a Casual membership where members are only allowed to hire 3 times over the year. Are you able to create a block when these members have reached their third hire?

Membership Page

We added the field and column into the Membership page, called “visits”.

Member Stat

Add the column TotVisits at the Member Stat.

Loan page

Add the message in the Loan Page

#457, #466: Children Name and Birthday

Requested by Papamoa Toy Library 

Hiya, any chance the children’s names and dates of birth can be displayed on the loan page – as important as it is to address the adults by name it is as important to address the children by their names and to use the children’s names when talking to the parents. At the moment I am adding the names into the admin notes box but would ideally like to use that only for what I need to remind/talk to members about. Thanks 🙂

and Taupo Toy Library

Are we able to have the option to add the children’s names onto the loans screen please? It’s important to us that we know the children’s names when they are at the counter. I know it gives a wonderful impression and makes them feel important. Although I know a few of the children’s names I certainly don’t know all of them. I like to talk to the children when they are returning & hiring toys. If this was on our loans screen we could then use this easier than changing screens for a reminder. Not sure if it’s something others would want or not. Thoughts?

Now you have the children birthday list in your Home Page

and the names, age, date of birth and birthday message in the loan page

#464: Add admin notes box to loan page

Requested by Taupo Toy Library

Hi there, I’m finding that the admin notes box is the one I use most – I add any notes in it about things that I need to ask members about or remind them about when they come in next – it would be really handy to have that admin notes box available to add details into on the loan page as that is the main page used. If I have to go from the loan page to the member list, find the member and scroll right to the bottom of the page it is time consuming and I don’t always have the time to do it in between one member to the next coming in so am having to write myself notes on a piece of paper and then go back and add the notes on mibase later – a lot of double handling. Having the member alert box and toy alert box there is good – just adding the admin notes would make it way more streamlined – any chance of this….please 🙂

#465: Link to roadmap

Requested by Taupo Toy Library

Hi there, any chance on the admin home page there could be a link to the roadmap – it’s great having the links to the documentation, ticket system etc all there – if there could be a link added so we can get directly to the roadmap it means all info we need to keep up to date and see what’s happening can be got to all from one place 🙂

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.6

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.6 - 29/07/2020

Bugs fixed from tickets

Ticket #434: Dropdown menu for members names not appearing in the payment page
Ticket #436: Missing toy status malfunctioning
Ticket #429: Missing part malfunction

Small design changes

Member Stat Page

We have added the column “LastRenewed” where you can see the last time the member renewed their membership.