MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.6

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.6 - 29/07/2020

Bugs fixed from tickets

Ticket #434: Dropdown menu for members names not appearing in the payment page
Ticket #436: Missing toy status malfunctioning
Ticket #429: Missing part malfunction

Small design changes

Member Stat Page

We have added the column “LastRenewed” where you can see the last time the member renewed their membership.

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.5

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.5 - 26/07/2020

Bugs fixed from tickets

Ticket #389: Not Active toys can be loaned out

Ticket #398: Reservation setting #13 potentially not working

Ticket #395: focus on scan toy in loan page

Ticket: After a toy has been inserted, the button on the right “Back to Toy Detail” does not take the toy ID

Ticket: LOAN print receipt when the balance 0 didn’t show up the 0

New report

#371: Toy List Purchased with cost

Requested by Dannevirke Community Toy Library by our Ticketing System.

Good morning. Our Treasurer has asked for a report showing all the toys and their values, including the total value for all toys at the bottom – Toy List showing value of each toy. With total value of all toys in Toy Library with total value at the bottom/end The report called Toy List Purchased with cost by date range is good, but we have older toys so it doesn’t include all of them. A similar report covering all our toys with a total value at the end would be brilliant.

You can choose the paper orientation, Landscape or Portrait. You will have the total at the end of all pages.

#356: Member due by date range

Requested by Taupo Toy Library by our Ticketing System.

Hiya – just wondering if there could be a report added – “members due by date range” would be great to put in the weeks date range and have a list of all members due in on each day…..and if it had a list of toys they have due that day too it would be even better. Hope that makes sense….flick me an email if not. Thanks in advance.

You can choose the date range

Automatic emails requested by Toy Library

#400: EMail request- due to duty

Requested by Ellerslie Toy Library.

We love the membership about the expire with duties to do still, would it be possible somehow to setup multiple reminders, so we have 90 days, 60 days 30 etc?
Could it also include the date their membership expires?

Go to Setup -> Automatic email and search for “due_to_duty”.

Small functionalities requested by Toy Library

#410: Suggesting when loading new toy

Requested by Papamoa Toy Library.

Hi, just a small suggestion which would benefit all libraries. When we use the’ add new toy’ button and we have been given a new toy number. It takes awhile for us to process this toy, sometimes we get distracted and need to come back to it the next day. When you have saved the new toy number it automatically comes up as the status being active and we manually need to change this toy status to processing. Unless we do this change of status it already comes up on our website as live. Are we able to have the automatic status as processing and when we are finished adding the toy details, photo etc, then change the status to active? Thoughts? Sometimes through distractions etc it is easily forgotten to manually change this.

Go to Toy -> Add New Toy

#372: Extra info boxes – Member Page in Admin

Requested by Papanui Toy Library.

When I am putting a new members details in there is only one box for drivers license and community services card (if they have one).
There is a space on the same line for another box so is it possible to have one box for ID and make a new box for the community services card?? We take all our members drivers licenses for ID and it would be easier to have separate boxes if they have both cards. Thanks 

Go to Member -> Add New Member or Member list -> Edit a member details

#373: Another Info box – Member Page in Admin

Requested by Papanui Toy Library.

Hi, would it be possible to have another box for an alternative contact?
At the mo we are just using one of the random boxes at the bottom but it would be nice to have another box specifically for this. The second contact box does not work as the name comes up on the membership page and they are not a spouse or partner, they are another contact if we cant get hold of any members family. We put in their name, address and phone number, thanks.

Go to Member -> Add New Member or Member list -> Edit a member details

LOAN PAGE – toy loan receipts need to include a member’s next roster duty

In any email template, you can add all of the “generic” shortcodes.

For the next roster add the shortcode [nextroster] into the email or loan receipt.

For more info and the list of shortcode, please go to our documentation https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/use-shortcode-in-the-email/

Small design changes

Missing Pieces

The button on the right has been re-called to “New Part Status”. 

When a Toy Library wants to add new missing/broken pieces the page had the dropdown list with all members, not easy to use.  Also, the list of “piece status” was very long and not all of them were relevant.

Now the forme has:

  • member search box instead of the drop-down
  • only the list of those pieces status:
    • Replaced
    • Missing
    • Broken
    • Found
    • Fixed

Report Page, list

We are improving the list of reports with the description and add the demo. You will be able to click the small image to see a demo of the report before using it.

Member Detail Page

We are improving the page by adding more titles and primary and secondary contacts altogether.

We have also reduced the roster list by displaying only the roster done and to do in the current year of membership.

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.4

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.4 - 09/07/2020

Bugs fixed from tickets

Tickets #353, #350, #346: Scan toy. Not automatically add the toy on loan, we have to click again to loan.

Tickets #343: fines for missing parts or broken parts not automatically added the cost on the payment system.


New functionalities and/or Pages

Volunteer Setup – Home Page section

Requested from Omokoroa Toy Library.

We added the Home Page section in Setup -> Volunteer Setup

Volunteer Setup - Home Page section

(Click the image to see that bigger)


On the left column of the table, you can able/disable each table on the home page.
On the right column of the table, you can able/disable some sections in the right column on the home page.

(Click the image to see that bigger)

Children in the Member website

Requested from Pegasus Toy Library.

In the member website, we added the list of children.

The member will have the ability to Edit and add New child.

Member Setting

There is now a setting to show/hide the children’s section. Go to Setup -> Members settings and search for
Yes will show the children table, No will hide it.

The default is No.

Small design changes

Admin Home Page

We added a message, below the logo, for invoice not paid or due soon!

MiBaseNZ new system update to version 2.16.3

MiBaseNZ updated to 2.16.3 - 28/06/2020

Bugs fixed from tickets

Tickets #316, #303, #285: Not possible to loan a toy reserved not soon.

Tickets #327, #307: Toy onloan in home page not correct number as the Toy Onloan Page.

Tickets #282: Member->Not Active page, mobile numbers are not showing for any member

Tickets #263: I can’t access the full toy transaction history.

Tickets #268, #284, #287: Automatic email – Reservation Email Issues with wrong information and date.

Tickets #317: Toys Due Soon Email not working correctly

New functionalities and/or Pages

Member’s Ethnicity

This function was created by MiBaseNZ due to requests by toy libraries wanting to collect more information on the demographic makeup of their members. Once the different ethnic groups have been created, and the information is added, the figures are automatically collated in an easy to read pie chart.
To view the list and add or delete options, go to Member -> Ethnicity
Documentation here: https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/ethnicity-add-or-delete/

New Public setting


Toy detail page: Show the replacement cost on the toy detail page on your public website.

(Click the image to see that bigger)


We updated all the “Payment Today” reports

by adding the member id

and the paper orientation

Additional functions on existing page

Membership Page

We added the possibility to have HALF rent for a specific Membership. Example

So, if the toy rent is $1.00 all members that have this membership will be charged $0.50.

For the Membership Page documentation go here: https://mibase.co.nz/knowledge-base/how-important-is-the-membership-page/

Design changes

Admin Home Page

We are presenting “BUZY” our new “Update icon”, on the right of your Admin screen. If you click on it you will see some info about the last update and also the link to see the article in our website with all documentation and list of bugs.

Member Add and Edit form

We changed/removed/added some field in the Add a new Member for and Edit a Member form.

Edit a Member – The right column has more info and the user and password for the member website and we added the possibility to choose the Ethnicity.

Add a new Member – We removed some not useful information, we added some (i) to easier understand what you need to add in the specific field and we added the possibility to choose the Ethnicity.

Small changes

We changed the section in the Admin Home Page called “Members who renewed their toys online“. Now you will see only the toys renewed in the last 7 days or until there are returned.

Settings cleaning

Public settings

We improved the description in each Public Setting and removed some that were not used anymore and replaced from the “Design your website” functionality.

Now you have 5 “filters” to use in the header to search for a specific function. For example, if you type “Top menu” in the description header you will see all settings related to the Top menu items.
We have now: 

  • Top menu item:  Activate/De-activate pages in the top navigation bar
  • Join now page: All fields to activate/de-activate in the Join Now page
  • Home page: All fields to activate/de-activate in the Home Page
  • Toy menu: Activate/De-activate pages under the Toy Menu
  • Toy list page: All fields to activate/de-activate in the Toy List pages

We are also creating detailed documentation to explain all of them where to use it.

Go here: